El Balcón de Abra
El Balcón de Abra
El Balcón de Abra
Balcón del Abra

The Inn


The countryside inn El Balcón del Abra is located in a well-kept park with beautiful trees and tall palms. Deck chairs, that can be placed according to taste, form small intimate islands for resting and enjoying the spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and hills.

In January 2010 a large "Biotop" ecological pool was built offering the possibility of swimming in a totally natural environment. In the park there are different possibilities for sitting at tables of different sizes, where you can have lunch or snack in a more intimate setting.

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Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra


A covered barbecue area with oven offers multiple possibilities for cooking outdoors. In front of the BBQ there is a long gallery, with jasmine-covered columns leaving a unique perfume in flowering season. A huge table with long benches allows a large group of people to enjoy great food during most months of the year. Also at the entrance there are two outdoor galleries with large columns, covered with climbing roses.

In the back of the main building a convenient staircase leads to a balcony that offers unique panoramic views.

Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra


Behind the barbecue area there is a large vegetable garden and three small greenhouses. The vast majority of the products for our kitchen are organically produced there and harvested in season, making them as fresh as can be.

All meals are generally served on a very long table (max. 12 people) in the main dining room. Additionally, and joint by a doorway and a solid wooden counter, there’s a very luminous dining room with large windows. Table for 8 (max.) with comfortable chairs. Library and decorative plants.

In the space between kitchen and dining room there is a round table for separate meals (max. 6 people). Moreover - as already mentioned - you can eat in an intimate setting anywhere in the park. We are happy to adjust to the wishes of our customers to provide you with a service that offers maximum comfort. The ample spaces of the main house and the park are the ideal setting to respect the privacy of guests in a warm and select atmosphere. Not forgetting to mention the extensive cellar of fine wines and spirits.

Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra


The comfortable lounge with its eye-catching fireplace, invites to you to relax, watch a large satellite TV, enjoy music or engage in long conversations.

The corner with the panoramic window, invites you to contemplate the landscape, read or share moments that you might remember forever...

Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra Balcón del Abra


If you wish to complete your wellbeing, just need to add a massage which gives you an additional relaxed feeling. In good weather conditions, you can enjoy this pampering moment in the shade of a palm tree, listening to the birds, or the shade of other trees and flowering coral trees, watching hummingbirds kissing each flower with their long peaks... Another experience that stays with you until you come back and repeat it...

Library available (spanish / english / german).

Balcón del Abra

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